Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Little Creatures

Are you one of those people that grew old but never grew up? Do toys, and games , and cute little stuffed animals still bring a smile to your face? If so I have just the shop for you (and me: I will never grow up!)!
Today's Shop of the Day, gurumiorama: , has the cutest little warm fuzzy creatures and some delightful patterns too (if you are the creative type that likes to make your own). Let's go shopping!

A beautiful blue bunny!
How cute is this?

Perfectly Pink!
For the cat lover in you!
This little fellow is unBEARably cute!
He will surely steal your heart!

For those of you who have a creative side...

How's this for a handsome trio!

Just too darn cool!
Everybody needs a sock monkey!

Out of this world cuteness!

Are you smiling? If so, these little handmade wonders have done their job then! Visit gurumiorama: and take a look at all of her smile bringing wonders! It will be a delightful trip for the kid in you!

Gurumiorama can be reached thru the following links:


  1. *O*MyGoodness, thank you so much for the post...
    Reminded me of ToysRUs theme song:
    "I don't want to grow up, I'm a ToysRUs kid..." this give away my age??

  2. With your darling little handmade animals who would want to grow up??

  3. lol....and thank you for all your comments on my blog post, you have such a way with words. :)

  4. LOL My mother always said I was mouthy; I hope that's not what you mean! Seriously I do love to write; it's like a form of art to me.Thank you!