Monday, June 6, 2011

Etsy Shop of the Day!

Since there are so many wonderful, creative shops on Etsy, I thought the perfect blog for the month of June would be to create a shop of the day post. So every day I will visit one new shop and share what I have learned with you, my wonderful readers.

Today's shop is MaisonMaudie.
This sweet little shop, according to the shop description, is filled with vintage items that are odd, interesting, beautiful, sylish, and all of the above! And I must say Karen has hit that nail right on the head. Let me share with you some items to prove this!

Starting with the descriptive word:  ODD!

Just the size of this key is odd; can you imagine carrying  a ring of these keys around in your pocket? And you can forget holding a bag of groceries while openning your door; clearly this key is a two hander!

Now on to our next descriptive word: INTERESTING!

A super piece of vintage British kitchenalia - a gas wand. No batteries, no flint the gas ‘lights by magic’ it says on the box! Magic is always interesting! Although I am not so sure I would want to try this at home!

Descriptive word #3: BEAUTIFUL!

 Can't you just see this on the lapel of your favorite jacket or holding that colorful scarf in place!
Simply stunning! A beauty indeed!

On to the last descriptive word: STYLISH!

Vintage patterns are always stylish! This one is from the 70's and boasts the term VERY EASY.
Somehow, I doubt that judging by all the details in the illustrations; however it is very stylish indeed!

Point proven?
These are just a few of the amazing vintage items you can find in Karen's shop! Please do yourself a favor and stop by MaisonMaudie,
 and  see for yourself how sweet this little shop is! And while you are there at please stop in and take a peek at my own  shop. .

You can reach MaisonMaudie in the following ways:


  1. Wow, Suzie thanks so much for featuring my shop, that's so generous of you! I feel honoured and humbled at the same time.

  2. Absolutely fabulous idea!! Love it and your presentation is awesome!!