Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ahhh June: The Month For Brides!

Today I want to share with you a new twist for those summer weddings. Something that can keep forever, be displayed and never fade. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? Come with me to an etsy shop,,  that makes some remarkable wedding bouquets and table arrangements.
I am sure you will be in awe of what Angel has to offer!

Stunning; isn't it? 

How beachy is this? Barefoot in the sand; I just love it!

Oh so formal; beautiful and elegant!

But wait maybe, you are one of those girls that really isn't into all that white stuff! Check these out  for size!
Bright and sunny,just like summer should be!

How girly is this! Sweet and pink!

Hot enough for you? Bold and Beautiful!

My personal favorite! What an eye catcher this will be!

How about a little something for all those tables at your reception? Match your own bouquet or add a touch of color.
Just too cute; isn't it?

Looks almost yummy enough to eat doesn't it?

I really enjoyed my visit to Angel's; she has some amazing creations!  She also has some cool vintage items as well as some beautiful jewelry!I just know you will enjoy strolling thru her shop and looking at all of her things.

Angel can be reached thru these links:
FB:  Angela’s Artistic Designs
Twitter:  Angelasartistic


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  2. Suzie: A beautiful write up for my site! I love your descriptions under each bouquet. Thank you so much for promoting me and my bouquets!

  3. Very interesting bouquets! Definitely unique and beautiful work.

  4. Thanks visiting and commenting; I just love visitors!