Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Great Father's Day Gift Ideas

Don't know what to get your Dad? You think he has every thing! Memories are the best gift you can possible give! And as we all know what better way is there to preserve a memory than with a photo! I want to share with you a shop that has some fantastic ways to celebrate Dad's memories.
But before you rush off to Etsy to see for your self, I would like to wet your whistle with just a few of her amazing ideas.

Can't you just see the tears in Dad's eyes when he recalls your sweet little baby face?

How unique is this? Washing with your own memories!

This lets Dad share his memories as often as he shares his business cards!

We all know how fast money can slip thru our fingers; this amazing money clip will at least let dad hold on to his memories.

 I encourage you to visit this wonderful Etsy shop and see for yourself her very special way of sharing your memories.

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  1. Aww Suzie, you are just the sweetest! I love the way you write, got me excited and a little emotional, and I make the stuff, LOL!