Saturday, October 19, 2013

Shame on Me!

Okay, Boy have I been a slacker when it comes to blogging! I will endeavor to do better! Ha famous last words! I guess I really need to catch up on the past year plus!
Hmmm let's see, important things first. I have a grandson, Tucker Lee. He will be 1 in November! Isn't he a doll baby?
Gosh, they sure do grow fast! Boy he sure brings joy to my life! There is always a smile on that sweet little face of his! God has surely blessed me.
I have been busy in my shop and have expanded it to include cards and scrapbooking as well. My Christmas cards are up and ready for buyers. Here are some of my favorites:

My Fall jewelry pieces are too cool! Bold Bright and Colorful! Check them out!

And I can't forget to brag about my top seller! My handmade magnetic scarf pins. To date I have sold over a dozen of them! Woohoo! Here's a few of the ones I have in stock now!


Beautiful aren't they?
Last week end I did my first show in over a year! Boy, I had forgotten how much work it is to get ready for one! But I got it all together with the help of my sister! Here are some shots from the show!

Well that's a quick catch up of the most important things that have happened! I will do better!!